Listen to a current interview with author Chana Wilson about Riding Fury Home, as well as excerpts from a 1974 radio interview by Chana Wilson of her mother Gloria Wilson.

Gloria Wilson interviewed in 1974

In 1974, Chana interviewed her mother in the studio of the radio station KPFA-FM in Berkeley. The show was produced and edited by Chana Wilson and broadcast on the radio program “Lesbian Air” on KPFA.

A black and white photo of Chana seated on a couch with her head propped on her hand. Her mother Gloria sits next to her and is speaking and gesturing.

Chana and Gloria Wilson in Greenwich Village, 1972.

1. Closet love – 1:29

Closet Love

Gloria Wilson responds to Chana’s question: “Did you feel guilty or perverted when you started being lovers with a woman?” with “I never felt better in my life…”

2. Electroshocks – 2:00


Gloria Wilson describes her experience of electroshock therapy and memory loss.

3. Lesbian bar – 1:07


Gloria makes one attempt to find lesbian life at a New York City bar.

4. Loving Marian – 0:55


Gloria answers Chana’s question, “When did you start being lovers with a woman?” (during Chana’s childhood)

5. Peanut butter – 1:58


Gloria talks about having to bribe a nurse while in a state mental hospital in order to have her peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

6. Solitary – 1:43


Gloria describes life in a state mental hospital, being thrown into solitary, and how she schemes to leave.

7. Women today – 1:09


Gloria declares: “I think that young people today who are coming out are really lucky that they are able to be themselves.” She talks about how the women’s movement has changed her sense of herself for the better.